Seriously: Pet Shop Boys Reinterpreted fuses concert, cabaret and musical theatre.

“This phenomenally rich and evocative series of pop poems of contemporary life and relationships duly come up sounding even better than in their originals…The result is a rich and rare thing: a genuine ‘art’ musical that could also be said to be a piece of pop art. It’s the best show of its kind since Twyla Tharp wove a dance drama out of Billy Joel’s repertoire in Movin’ Out: a show that is as challenging as it is captivating. MUST SEE”
Mark Shenton, The Stage, London.
“By stripping back a hi-nrg record of its dance beat, the heartbreaking story behind it is revealed, emphasizing the lyrical genius of Tennant and Lowe…the whole production is staggering and perfectly located in the grand surroundings of the Roxy…this is spine-tingling stuff, and that’s just the prologue…Many songs dovetail into others, with some broken down to become duets which completely change the emphasis of the original track. It’s all extremely innovative and completely engaging. Some things are really worth waiting for, and Seriously is definitely one of them, so queue around the block for tickets.5 stars
Darren Scott, Edinburgh Evening News.
“Takes the popular hits of the eighties duo and turns them into swooning, operatic numbers, lushly accompanied by a piano quintet…a beautiful, moving and breathlessly powerful rendering, led by the gigantic musical talents (of 5 singers).4 stars
Carmody Wilson, The Herald, Glasgow.
“Some terrific singers work their way through the Pet Shop Boys' back catalogue…Seriously has been endorsed by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe themselves (they will apparently be attending at some point) and it's easy to see why. The show is very respectful, with a precise attention to the detail of Tennant's lyrics…I loved it.”
Andrew Eaton, The Scotsman.
“…It's liberating to experience (Pet Shop Boys') expertly crafted pop mini-dramas reinterpreted for piano, strings and -most significantly- five vocalists…an exploration of the fraility of human relationships…this is stylish musical theatre that isn't unafraid to show its heart.4 stars
Nadine McBay, Metro.
“A thrilling exploration of the back catalogue of the Pet Shop Boys…Five tremendous singers…best thing I saw in Edinburgh”
Sunday Express, London.
“…a musical using the lyrics from Pet Shop Boys songs, with early hits like ‘Rent’ and bang up to date…This isn’t piped pop music that we lipsynch to - but a live classical orchestra, and some stunning vocals.5 stars
Martin Walker, ScotsGay.
“A well-integrated, engrossing character-journey that sensitively taps the huge potential of the two-man group's catchy tunes and ironically charged lyrics…the PSB dance standards transform thrillingly into tonally enriched arias and re-orchestrated setpieces…the impact is electrifying, and hints at some strange and extraordinary neogenre being pioneered by Knox, Lotherington and co…an original and resounding success. Such creative enterprise deserves wide exposure. Seriously.”
Peter Kemp, Variety USA.
“At first glance adapting the Pet Shop Boys for cabaret might seem an idea with only one leg…(the process) has worked brilliantly…serious firepower…it's a rich mix of voices, soaring and dramatic and tender…imaginatively arranged…take someone special, get a bottle of pop and sit down the front.4 stars
Owen Richardson, The Sunday Age.
“It's a sin to miss the hit of the festival…a highly imaginative show…who would have thought the Pet Shop Boys' material could so easily move out of the pop/night club scene and into an accoustic environment…Seriously. Pet Shop Boys. Reinterpreted. is a stunner.”
Joel Crotty, The Age.
“A compelling evening of cabaret, song, some drama and an excellent five-piece musical ensemble…Mercedes gives a moving rendition of So Sorry, I Said. Costanzo's bright voice is perfect for Miracles…The show is a rich tribute to the Pet Shop Boys.”
Kate Herbert, Herald-Sun.
“I heard the music from it and I was knocked out…It puts our songs in a very different context and I thought it was clever how they'd linked the songs…People who don't know the Pet Shop Boys songs particularly well think we're this camp hi-NRG group, but so many of our songs are these tortured, romantic love songs…They even took a dance song I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Anymore, and put it in a completely different musical context. I thought it was beautiful…I heard they might bring it to London, which would be fantastic.”
Neil Tennant, interviewed in Herald-Sun.
“It was very moving and I liked the way they put it all together to create such a dramatic story. So much of our music is about love and they used that really well.”
Chris Lowe, interviewed in Edinburgh Evening News.

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